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The AccuHit is designed to fit all grips and can be used on all clubs. This portable training device is slipped onto the grip of the golf club and modifies the users finger grip clenching pressure to help you hit the ball straight and far.




The AccuHit allows for a constant mildly firm grip to be placed on the golf club. This in turn allows for a tension free forearm and shoulder, as well as supple wrist hinging on the golfers dominant side. The AccuHit becomes the resting point for the thumb and index finger for both left, and right-handed golfers. This repositioning of the thumb and index finger reduces the amount of unnecessary, and undetectable pinching pressure exerted on the club. This pinching of the club with thumb and forefinger can destroy a golfers swing.

Easy to use

Superior distance

Greater ball speed on impact


Hit the ball straight everytime

Simple to use

Simple but very effective

What is the Accuhit?

The AccuHit is easy and simple to use. Just slip the AccuHit onto the club shaft with the large end opening towards you. Proceed to slide the AccuHit onto the Golf grip, approximately one inch from where the grip meets the shaft. Only place the lower hand’s forefinger and thumb onto the AccuHit. The AccuHit’s cut line doesn’t necessarily need to be between your thumb and forefinger as seen in figures one and two above.


Too much thumb pressure
Over/Under rotation
Slicing and hooking
Flipping of wrists


Mildly firm grip pressure
Ring/Middle finger control
Natural wrist hinge
Control straighter ball flight


The Accuhit grip training aid is easy to use, and can easily be taken on and off the your golf grip in matter of seconds. 


The Accuhit grip training aid can work on all club makes and models, from drivers to all irons and wedges, and can help you hit the ball straight and far each and every time.


Golf is hard enough, so we make our pricing simple.


Buy one Accuhit Golf Training Aid (either black or yellow) for $19.95, or


For a limited time buy two Accuhit Golf Training Aids (1 Black & 1 Yellow) for $29.95(A $10.00 savings).

 All you have to do is choose the dropdown (“Special & Deal”) below and then choose your location (U.S. or Non U.S.), and you will be all set!




The AccuHit Story

Hi, my name is Anthony Liberatore and I am a golf enthusiast who is strives to improve my own golf game. After years of taking lessons, buying training aids, and spending hours at to the driving range I wasn’t seeing much improvement in my game. I had been told and believed that I still over-gripped the club, which resulted in poor ball striking and inconsistent shots. In 1995 I decided to solve the problem and invent my own training device. While inventing the AccuHit I took the teachings of the best golfers into consideration; Sam Snead, Bobby Jones and Paul Runyan. These legends wrote and talked about the importance of club grip and how it needs to be mildly firm. However I did not understand why the grip needed to be mildly firm, or how to consistently maintain it throughout the swing.

Researching for my design of the Accuhit, I found my answer. I discovered that golfers unconsciously overuse their thumb and index finger. This in turn influences and dominates their entire swing. The excessive tension created by these fingers triggers the major muscle groups on the dominant side of the body, which contributes to a poor swing, loss of club head speed, and clubface aperture and squareness. The AccuHit blocks out the (index finger and thumb) pressure, which results in increase accuracy direction, and flight. This is why it simply works.


Anthony Liberatore (Inventor)


See What Our Customer Say’s

To hit a ball correctly you must swing the club on the proper path and square the face. With my expirience most golfers have trouble doing this because of tension in the trailing thumb and index finger.Tony's, AccuHit is a simple and effective device to give the golfer the proper sense to eliminate this tension.I would recommend this device to any golfer.
Bill Boltz
Natural golf instructor
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know my results from your AccuHit training device. I cannot believe something so simple could have such a beneficial effect on my ball striking. I only hit two buckets of balls using the AccuHit before I got the idea. It has taken all the tension out of my swing. My improvement is amazing.
Dan Swetmon

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