AccuHit takes pride in the success of our customers.  It gives us great joy to receive letters from pleased customers with success stories.  Here are a few examples of what we have received from our customers.

  • Hi Tony,

    I have used it some and I think it does help . I am an old tennis player who used to play in leagues for years. But as a tennis player I always had a wrist first forehand.

    Since playing golf a lot as I've aged I fight getting my right hand down  thru the swing without my wrist leading (I'm right handed).

    This product has helped with that.

    This product also made me consider going to a reverse taper grip to get that larger surface for my right hand .

    I think this product is a good way for people considering a reverse taper grip to try before re-gripping their clubs.

    It's a much cheaper way to investigate .

    Bob M

  • Hi Anthony,

     Yes i have used the training aid, at first i found this with having a relatively small hand rather cumbersome,however i did find the Aid beneficial to use as you stated in helping me, the player  gain a consistant feel with the fingers,thus taking the tension away from the arms and upper body.

    What i did find Anthony the training aid did conflict to the Ernest Jones Method of golf, in that as i read it , is that the feeling of the swing comes from the gripping of the club with the index finger and thumb pressure  if this is done correctly the rest of the body follows on a natural plain.However in making this statement i would make it clear that the accuhit aid does as it says, and does give a consistant pressure with the hands and fingers. and anyone who grips the club like an axe ,this is a real benefit.

    Best regards,

     David. W.

  • Mr. Liberatore,
    I just wanted to compliment you on your AccuHit product.  I’ve always liked experimenting with golf training aids, because they can give you an immediate sense of what one is supposed to feel when performing a golf swing.  But few of these products work as advertised.

    However in this case, the AccuHit gave me the immediate feel of eliminating the pinching fingers from the swing.  I had read Hogan’s extensive discussion of this in his classic Five Lessons book, but had never focused on it, and didn’t realize the damage it was doing to my swing.  Where I am really noticing the benefit of getting the right forefinger and thumb out of the swing is in half shots and pitch shots.  They are much more crisp, with a lot fewer fat and thin contacts.

    You mention in your letter that the product is proven to work for beginners and high-handicappers, but you should know that even relatively low handicappers (I’m a 5) can benefit.  I wish you the best of luck in getting the word out on this simple and effective training tool.

    Thank you,

    Ed C.

  • Tony,
    I am pleased to see you still use my comments on you internet site.
    Alas, my Accuhit bit the dust when a "friend" with oversized grips put it on
    upside down from the top of the grip. Sigh!

    I use the Accuhit in practice sesions alternating with it on and off every 3 to 4
    shots. I remain (at age 54) a 2.7 handicap. Now some of that comes from
    good short game skills and the putting. However, I've hit it pretty straight
    since buying my first Accuhit a couple of years back.

    I notice they still have plenty info-mercials, touting various golf swing aid
    on the golf channel. I'd like to recommend a "playoff" between the Accuhit and
    any other aid by an independent researcher and reported on the golf channel.

    I'd bet a 100 bucks on the Accuhit, I'm so sure of it!

    Best always,

    Your man in the Green Mts.
      [October 2007]

  • Tony;
    After trying every hook cure I could think of I finally and in despair pulled out the Accuhit. Immediately the hook disappeared! With the hook gone I found the fairway again and scores in the low seventies returned (as well as my smile). In addition to taking out of play the pincher fingers, I've noticed that the Accuhit puts my right hand and arm in that sidearm throwing motion Ben Hogan touts on pg 97 of my tatered paperback copy of the Five Modern Fundamentals of Golf.
    Over the years I have taken many golf lessons and purchased a few golf aids. These include: Leadbetter's Lazer guide (completely useless for me and hey you can't use it outside in the daylight), Jim Flick's Swing Gyde (not bad as it gets the toe of my club down at the top of my swing but is really hard to hit shots with), The Kallassey (sent it back, useless) and so on. With the Accuhit I get the clubface in the proper postion in relation to my left forearm at the top and then release the club appropriately at the bottom. I can use it with any club in the bag, and it costs far less than any of those other products I mentioned. The only problem is that my friends either want to borrow or hide it from me. Yesterday it went missing for several hours before it mysteriously turned up on the dashboard of my car post practice and round. So next week I'll be ordering another Accuhit just in case.
    Thanks again.
    Tom, Your Golfing Friend in the Green Mt State of Vermont

  • To hit a ball correctly you must swing the club on the proper path and square the face. With my experience most golfers have trouble doing this because of tension in the trailing thumb and index finger. Tony's, AccuHit is a simple and effective device to give the golfer the proper sense to eliminate this tension. I would recommend this device to any golfer.

    Bill Boltz
    Natural Golf Instructor

  • I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know my results from your AccuHit training device. I cannot believe something so simple could have such a beneficial effect on my ball striking. I only hit two buckets of balls using the AccuHit before I got the idea. It has taken all the tension out of my swing. My improvement is amazing.

    Dan Swetmon

  • Since purchasing the Accugrip device earlier in the year - it has improved my game and I am enjoying the game of golf more which in turn is making all my swings long, straight and true

  • This spring, we used your golf swing device with a few of our younger golfers.  It had a definite impact on those players that were putting a death grip on the club.  Over time, most came to realize that the thumb and the index finger need to be relaxed in order to develop a fluid golf swing.  Tony, I tried the AccuHit myself and found that it really works.  It is inexpensive and very easy to use.

  • Dear Accuhit,
    I love your new product, and I'm not one to send letters to companies,
    however I just had to tell you how the AccuHit has improved my golf game.

    To do this, I have to explain a couple of things. About six weeks ago, I
    had an accident and broke my right hand, and severly dislocated my middle
    finger. I am a right handed golfer. As an avid golfer this was tough to
    handle, four weeks with no golf. Two weeks ago, I had my cast removed, and
    was given the clearance to golf.

    At about the same time I saw your product reviewed in a magazine and thought
    this was a great idea, and ordered two of them. Within a few days, I
    received your product and began using it.
    I put it on a old club I keep in my living room, and practice my grip with
    the AccuHit on it, while watching TV. I quickly noticed that my previous
    grip, althought I thought it was correct was not.

    I need to point out that my handicap is around 16 to 18, and I have been
    playing for 4 years.
    Normally I get no time to practice, and play once a week on Saturday.
    Normally I show up 15 mintues before the round, and proceed to the first

    Two Saturday's ago I had my first round in over a month, with my usual
    foursome. I was not expecting a very good outing since I had not even had a
    chance to practice due to my injury. I think my buddies were expecting the
    same, and sugggested I play from the forward tees, while they played from
    the back tees. I refused their offer, and to make a long story short, shot
    the best round of my life (an 86) from the blue tees, and beat the whole
    group in my foursome. Last Saturday I proved it was not fluke, and shot a
    85. I have taken 5 to 7 strokes off my handicap while playing from the back

    The AccuHit has improved my grip, and the grip pressure that has always been
    a problem for me, based on the repeated comments that I have received from
    instructors. With this new grip, I'm hitting my irons 10 to 15 years
    further, and when I figure this out I will only be shooting lower. I have
    never felt so good about my game, and althought I would like to attribute it
    to lessons (which I have not received), or practice (which I have not done),
    I can only reason it to be my new grip as a result of the AccuHit.

    Thank you for creating such a basic, simple product that does not require
    "pounding" bucket after bucket of golf balls, spending alot of money, and
    allowing me to practice your product in my own living room. Your product
    cost less then a round of beers for my foursome, which by the way, they are
    buying these days...

    My buddies are wondering why I improved so quickly, I'm not telling them.
    Can you take your product off the market and send me all of your remaining
    AccuHits before they found out?

    Just kidding. Thank you again.
    John Horn

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