Achenbach: Some big ideas
from small manufacturers

The start of the new year is the perfect time to pay tribute to small golf manufacturers, who are a consistent source of new and innovative ideas in golf. With the 2003 PGA Merchandise Show right around the corner (Jan. 23-26 in Orlando, Fla.) here is a sampling of small-company products that I really, really like (and they may just help your golf game):


At $14.95, the AccuHit may be the biggest bargain in golf. I look suspiciously at all training aids, but this little device really serves a purpose. The AccuHit is a rubber protrusion that slips over the grip. It is positioned underneath the thumb and index finger of the right hand (for right-handed players).

Why is this important as a practice device? Because the thumb and index finger are crucial in developing power during the golf swing.

I didn’t fully understand this until I began attending the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship. I began noticing that many of the competitors maintain a separation between the index finger and the other fingers on the right hand.

They explained that this promotes a more active and powerful use of the right hand. I believe them. If anybody should know maximum distance, it is these guys.

The AccuHit provides a very clear sensation of using the thumb and index finger properly during the swing. Although the AccuHit Web site talks about the ills of overusing the thumb and index finger, it seems to me that this inexpensive jewel actually can enhance their role in the swing -- particularly with the driver.

Price: At $14.95, this is a practical and worthwhile purchase.

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