GET A GRIP: You can`t hit consistent golf shots if the most vital connection between body and club -- the grip -- is out of whack. That`s where the AccuHit training device comes in. Nothing more than a two-inch-long, notched rubber device that slips easily on the grip of your club, it`s one of the simplest yet most effective practice tools I`ve come across. It forces you to hold the club with the middle and ring fingers of both hands and takes those dastardly "pinchers" -- thumb and forefinger -- out of the equation, thereby reducing shanks, pulls, wrist-flipping, over/under rotations&all those wonderful last-instant screw-ups that send tee shots hazard-ward and approaches into no-man`s land. You can even use it on the course if you`re not in competition or don`t have a bet going -- unless, of course, everyone else in your foursome is using one, too.

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