AccuHit takes pride in the success of our customers.  It gives us great joy to receive letters from pleased customers with success stories.  Here is a perfect example of how the AccuHit Grip has helped one golfer.

Hello Tony,

As an avid golfer, I am constantly trying to improve my game, especially when I am playing on a pricey course with important company visitors. My game has not improved much over the past year (even though I have purchased several new drivers) since I have a horrible slice which robs me of distance and accuracy. I tried your AccuHit device while on the driving range last month and now use it regularly in practice. It has conditioned my grip and hand placement to make solid contact with the ball and move it forward straighter and further than with any other training aids that I have used to date. Of course the people that I play with will not let me use it in our matches since they see the distance that I achieved during practice. However, I am now hitting the ball off the driver with much fewer slices
and miss hits. Next, the irons!

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