AccuHit takes pride in the success of our customers.  It gives us great joy to receive letters from pleased customers with success stories.  Here is a perfect example of how the AccuHit Grip has helped one golfer.

Just wanted to send you some feedback on my use of your new grip device:
I found it to be a strange creature when mounted to my grips(s) but after swinging several clubs with it, realized it to be a great way of reminding and ingraining the proper feel of a "light grip". It has opened my eyes to the way I have been swinging over the last few years, in a more "choppy-stiffwristed manner." [mostly in an attempt to get a "late hit"] Now the club seems to lag more naturally in the downswing, and combined with better hip movement, I am learning to release the club without spending so much effort manipulating the club.

Thanks again

By the way...
I am an average slice/pull golfer with more fat shots than crisp, and have in the past had a typical out to in swing. Scores have never dropped below 90. [expecting all of that to change soon...]

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